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PINT CLUB is on hiatus….indefinitely.
if we bring it back, you’ll be the first to know!🍦

welcome to normal<reg> pint club

how it works


at the beginning of the month your 🍦 will be ready for you to pick up at our store


​​you’ll receive four EXCLUSIVE pints of ice cream - let’s get weird :)


guess what? the very next month, it happens all over again!



select 3, 6 or 12 months of normal <reg> ice cream - you won’t be sorry

*prepay for a 5% discount

join the club



want to stick around… forever? select our monthly subscription! you can pause anytime :)

*minimum 3 month subscription

join the club

makes a great gift!

normal<reg> pint club faq

that’s “frequently asked questions” if you didn’t know!

when should I sign up?

if you sign up by the 7th of the month your subscription will be available for pick up the very next day! if you sign up after the 7th of the month, your subscription will start the 1st of the following month :)

how much does it cost?

our pint club is $40 per month, BUT if you prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months you get a 5% discount!

what do I get with my subscription?

not only do you get to be on this creative journey with us, you ALSO get: a FREE pint club cooler bag + exclusive pint club pin, 10% off on all merch purchases, and you will be the first to test out (and report back, of course) any new product we plan to launch :)

what flavors can I expect?

we created pint club so we could let our creative freak flags fly! a few flavors we have done in the past are: “SALTINE SANDWICHES” - saltine cracker ice cream + concord grape jam + peanut praline, (this one was such a hit we put it on the menu the following month!) + “POPCORN TIN” - buttered popcorn ice cream + caramel corn bits + cheddar cheese ganache.

what if I am allergic to like... everything?

when you sign up, you can select from our “packs” which include a normal <reg> pack (of course!) as well as vegan, nut free, gluten free, and even a half-vegan option. If you are allergic to ANYTHING at all (yes, even shellfish, seriously) please include in the form when you are signing up - we can accommodate nearly any/every allergies.

when do I get my monthly pints?

on the first of every month, you’ll be able to come pick them up at our STORE location (during open hours, of course)! we ask that you pick up by the 15th of the month :)

what if I don’t live in SLC?

we ship to ANYWHERE in the US. yes, even hawaii and alaska :) your subscription will be shipped out the first wednesday of the month with UPS overnight shipping.

what if I am out of town?

you can pause your subscription at any time! simply shoot us an email to let us know :) *we ask that you send in your “pause” with at least one week’s notice