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blood orange chess tart

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use-for-everything pie crust

makes 2 large tart rings or 4 rectangle tart molds

  1. cube butter + let chill in freezer 20 min
  2. combine flour + salt in bowl of mixer with paddle attachment
  3. start mixing on low + slowly add in cubed butter
  4. mix on medium low until butter is pebble size
  5. slowly trickle in water + vinegar mixture
  6. mix until just barely combined *if you have loose flour at the bottom that is good!
  7. turn onto a table and finished by hand
  8. separate into manageable balls + wrap tightly in plastic
  9. chill in fridge at least 1 hour

* i always double this so I ALWAYS have pie dough in the freezer!

blood orange chess filling

  1. preheat oven to 375˚f + have pie crust ready in the freezer
  2. melt butter
  3. combine sugar, cornmeal, flour, zest + salt in bowl
  4. add blood orange juice + mix
  5. add eggs + mix until combined
  6. add heavy cream + white vinegar
  7. add melted better and mix again!
  8. pour into frozen pie crust
  9. bake on middle rack 30-35 min *it should be puffy, but not super jiggly :)

blood orange meringue

  1. egg whites, cream of tartar + salt in bowl of mixer with whip attachment
  2. sugar b + blood orange juice in pot on medium low
  3. once sugar is dissolved DO NOT MIX AGAIN!
  4. start whipping whites on medium - once medium stiff peaks, add sugar in 4 small additions and whip 30 seconds in between
  5. cook sugar to 240˚f
  6. remove pot from heat and slowly pour into whipping whites
  7. whip whites until shiny and VERY stiff
  8. pipe or plop on your tart!


real life magic

  1. just MIX