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cinnamon rolls

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japanese milk bread dough

  1. make tangzhong by combining milk A + bread flour A in pot - constantly mix until 65c
  2. set aside + let cool
  3. combine milk, eggs, sugar, salt + yeast - mix quickly
  4. add tangzhong and flour
  5. mix on speed 2 for 5 minutes
  6. slowly add in butter
  7. mix another 5 minutes
  8. cover + let proof until doubled
  9. roll to roughly 12x18 + rest in freezer 15 minutes
  10. roll to roughly 20x35 + spread on filling
  11. roll tightly + chill in freezer at least 30 minutes
  12. cut evenly + spay your baking vessel
  13. cover + let rest in fridge overnight
  14. proof until nearly doubled
  15. bake at 350˚f for 20 minutes
  16. let cool + frost with cream cheese frosting

cinnamon roll filling

  1. have butter at room temperature
  2. combine all in mixer with paddle attachment
  3. mix on low until well combined
  4. then mix on high until fluffy
  5. transfer to piping bag + leave at room temperature

cream cheese frosting

  1. have cream cheese at room temperature
  2. combine cream cheese + a little bit of powdered sugar in mixer with paddle attachment
  3. mix slowly
  4. continue adding powdered sugar + heavy cream to taste
  5. transfer to a piping bag + put in fridge until ready