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pâte à choux

  1. combine whole milk, water, sugar, salt + butter in heavy bottom pot
  2. bring to a simmer (mixing occasionally so the milk does not scald)
  3. remove from heat + quickly mix in the flour with a whisk
  4. switch to a spatula + return to heat
  5. mix for a few minutes - you are trying to dry out the dough!
  6. transfer to the bowl of stand mixer with paddle attachment
  7. mix on low for 30 seconds to start cooling down
  8. add eggs SLOWLY - fully incorporating between additions
  9. you may not need all of the eggs! you want it to be smooth and pipe-able but not liquid.
  10. transfer to a piping bag with star tip and let chill in fridge .5 hour (up to 24 hours)
  11. pipe in circles on a silpat
  12. freezer 30 minutes (while freezing heat oil in pot to 325˚f + make icing)
  13. fry 3+ min on each side until brown (if just golden they will be V doughy)
  14. once slightly cooled - dip in the icing + return to rack to set

lavender glaze

  1. combine milk, salt + lavender in pot - bring to simmer
  2. remove from heat and let steep 15 min
  3. strain out lavender
  4. mix in powdered sugar slowly
  5. set aside